Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by mounted animals and skulls, my room was littered with bones, turtle shells, and any skull I could get my hands on. Just after I graduated high school in 1989 I ordered my first taxidermy kit, a red squirrell kit from a mail order company we didn't have internet yet. I think it was all the praise and compliments about how it turned out that drove me to continue to practice my passion. I stopped at almost every road kill I saw trying to find something to salvage and preserve. Over the years my art became more and more profitable and in 1998 I went full time and opened up my shop, I mainly mounted deer and fish from hunters and fishermen from the area and it didn't allow me to work on any of the other ideas I had rolling around in my head. After 14 years I decided to bring the business to my home shop and this has gave me the freedom to create some very interesting creations and have the time to come up with others. 

Please feel free to look around the site if you have any questions or would like a quote on a project call me direct at (502)552-9462

Kenny's Mountain is located high on a hill in in rural Kentucky. Being surrounded by nature and abundant wildlife provides us with great inspiration and respect for the animals we use in our art. If its a hunters trophy or a one of a kind art piece we put our abilities and know how into making a piece you will be proud to display and to include in your collection.

No animals were intentionally killed to make our art all were legally obtained and not endangered species. All specimens are professionally preserved using the latest techniques by Kenny and his staff. For questions or concerns please contact us through our contact page.  If you would like a quote on a custom piece or have a question on something you have sen here please contact me at [email protected]